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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (February 2011)

These deep winter days have a quiet intensity about them. Our hearts are still as we concentrate on the everyday tasks of our Nazareth life, and we give thanks for the tremendous graces of this way of life. It is a context that lends itself to carrying in prayer all who are in need.

This is a good time for polishing and restoring donated items to be sold in the gift shop, for stacking firewood, and just generally putting order into each work department.

Attending to these details now will leave us more available to offer hospitality of the heart in the summer when so many people visit us. If you are able to send any product for polishing silver or brass, it would be a great help.

Winter is also a good time for doing crafts to sell in our mission gift shop, and that is exactly what the people in our handicraft center are doing. They are asking for thin metallic thread, solder for stained glass work, and your used religious Christmas cards. (We make new cards out of them for our own use.)

The gift shop thanks you for the jewelry donations. They are asking for chains for pendants, medals, crosses, and the like (especially gold-colored chains), and barometers.

St. Mary’s community, just down the road from our main house, would like to make a special request. The serving bowls and platters they are using are made of heavy china and crockery and are too heavy for our elderly members.

They would be grateful if someone could provide some lightweight serving dishes they could use instead. (They usually set 7 or 8 tables of 6 people each.)

A big part of the work of our farmers at this time of year is cutting trees for firewood. They need oil for the bar on their chainsaws.

Thank you for the Scotch tape and printer paper we received recently. Please continue to keep our office in mind as their need for paper is ongoing. Other office needs are: 9 x 12 mailing envelopes, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, and metal letter openers.

Our nurses are grateful for the vitamins you sent. A spate of long-lasting colds has depleted our supply of cough medicine (DM and expectorant), cough drops, Delsym, and other cold remedies. Can you send something along those lines to help us make it through the rest of the season? Simple warm-air humidifiers and Kleenex would help, too.

As for our other medical needs, here’s a list of items we would be happy to receive: hydrogen peroxide, pads for hands and underarms for crutches, clortrimazole cream, and drops for dry eyes, such as Refresh.

During the cold weather, our men are continuing to do indoor repairs and renovating. They need batteries, especially D and AAA, and a shop vacuum.

Whereas our list of physical needs is not long this month, we do want to ask you for your most valuable contribution to this apostolate: your prayers, your sacrifices, and your ordinary life lived in communion with us and the whole Church.

We, for our part, continue to pray for you each day before the Blessed Sacrament and in all our community prayers. May God bless you by his mercy.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (February 2011)


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