Posted February 21, 2011:
A Thanksgiving Prayer

Father, it is our duty and our salvation always and everywhere to give you thanks. (Preface of the Mass)

Teach me, Lord, to live this prayer, that I may thank thee every day for everything. I do at times give thanks for what seems good, for health, success, for love and gain, for all that pleases self.

But, oh, how thoughtless and blind, to thank thee not for what is truly good—for pain, unkindness, censure, blame, for every hurt that comes from person, place, or work!

By these keen instruments wouldst thou, divine Physician, remove the harmful growths of self and give abundant life, thy own true life, and peace abundantly.

But I am blind, see not thy loving hand, and in resisting, suffer more and spoil thy work.

Had I accepted all with gratitude, I might long since have been a saint and happy. A grateful heart cannot be otherwise.

Forgive, then, Lord, my blindness and my squandered life, and give me strength this day to see thy chastening hand in all my hurts and not blame thy instruments. Give me the grace to take each purifying cross and then, give thanks with all my heart. Amen.

(source unknown)


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