Posted January 20, 2011 in MH Winslow AZ:
Notes From Near and Far: The Casa, Arizona

by Kathy McVady.

The Nazareth rhythm of our life was interspersed with SEARCH retreats, weekend retreats for teens, and Cursillos. We attended baby showers, birthday parties, weddings, and, of course, funerals.

A number of our friends and neighbors have died. These include the sudden and tragic death of a Laguna friend, who was famed for her traditional bread. She was thrown from her vehicle and killed after a blowout. We also attended the funerals of at least two young people who took their own lives.

We have walked with friends in sickness—one recovering from back surgery and another back home after spending time in a convalescent center recovering from a stroke. We are journeying with friends in hospice care.


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