Posted January 21, 2011 in MH Resteigne, Belgium:
Notes From Near and Far: MH Belgium

by Joanne Dionne.

The Church is alive and continues to grow, if not in numbers then in faithfulness. We saw this one Sunday when four young men were ordained to the priesthood—one for the diocese and three for new communities.

These men, filled with enthusiasm and joy, were able to express on live TV (there was lots of media hype) their hope and their deep love for the Church, and this in spite of the many scandals cropping up around the world.

There are other signs of hope in our midst as well, right here in Resteigne—like the more than 75 kilos of honey we harvested from our four bee hives or the growth of our vegetable garden which, despite the lack of rain, continued to grow thanks to the rinse water saved from dishwashing.

Or like the fact that the nine of us can live together in peace and love in a counter-cultural way of life.

Indeed, we are not always understood by our neighbors and fellow-parishioners, but they continue to come and get refreshed at the wellsprings of our communion in Christ around a cup of coffee or a chat about the chickens.

This is perhaps the greatest sign that we have to offer at this time in history. I pray that we continue to trust in all that Catherine taught us; indeed I believe Madonna House was made for these times.


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