Posted January 25, 2011 in My Dear Family:
Are We Christians?

by Catherine Doherty.

We should ask ourselves: are we Christians? To be a Christian means to live in such a faith and commitment to Christ, that it will revolutionize—turn upside down—not only our lives but the lives of others.

To be a Christian means to incarnate, actualize, literally implement the teachings of the Gospel. It means preaching the Gospel with one’s life. This alone would be a revolution, a spiritual, intellectual, political revolution!

True, certain signs of an awakening are visible. Praised be the Lord!

Yet, something is still missing. A vibrant, passionate totality of commitment seems to be missing, and faith that would transcend all limits of time and space.

What is missing is a discernment which can distinguish between a security that depends on human resources and the security of faith that is the heritage of every Christian.

The law of love demands that we become people of the towel and the water, that like Christ we wash the feet of our neighbor.

That and that alone is the true revolution that will change the face of the earth.

What does it mean to be Christian? It means to revolutionize the world the way Christ wanted it to be revolutionized. When shall we begin?

Excerpted from Grace in Every Season, (2001), July 5, p. 183, available from Madonna House Publications.


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