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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (December 2010)

"Advent is the springtime of love, when the soul awaits her love, knowing that He will come and make her His own." These are the words of Catherine Doherty, and all year long we try to incarnate this love Christ came to bring us.

Each of our work departments has its own way of doing this. The men who live at the farm, for instance, provide food for the community and manage our forest.

One of these men, the cheese-maker, Peter Bullen, is asking for elbow-length nitrile gloves for working in the dairy vats, and also for stretch cords, 12 to 20 inches.

Our cooks, for their part, transform this food grown by the farmers into tasty meals for all of us. They would welcome a food blender if anyone has one to spare.

The nurses have a way of making us feel loved when we come down with a bad bug. Would you be able to send them (and us) some Sudafed, hydrogen peroxide, and cough medicine (DM with expectorant)?

During Advent, St. Raphael’s handicraft center becomes even more of a center of creative activity than usual—a place where staff and guests make cards and work on crafts for Christmas. The handicraft department needs JT-21 staples, black chisel tip markers, and metallic thread.

The men of the carpentry department have been in high gear renovating one of our older buildings. Can you help them out with paint brushes,

9 ½ inch rollers and roller sleeves, and drywall tape (paper and fiberglass)?

As you know, everyday cleaning goes a lot more smoothly when you have the proper equipment. We are in need of dust pans, corn brooms, and coarse-bristled push brooms.

We also need dish racks for plates, standard size (19 ½ x 19 ½) for use in a Hobart industrial dishwasher. Sometimes dealers have some used racks on hand.

Veronica Dudych, our music director, is thrilled with the record player for 78 rpm records that someone sent. She sends you a big thank you. Now, she is asking for violin, mandolin, and guitar strings. Plus she has a clarinet that needs a tune-up. Is there someone who knows how to do this?

We are very grateful for the office supplies you sent us: new printer paper, a box of #10 envelopes, and manual pencil sharpeners.

We now have an abundant supply of envelopes. We’ll let you know when we need more.

For now, the office could use some letterhead or printer-quality good-on-one-side paper, scotch tape, and pens (blue, black or red).

Our mission gift shop had a wonderful summer and fall season. The staff there are corresponding with a number of missionaries throughout the world who receive the proceeds from the sale of your donated goods. Know that your generosity benefits many people.

Of course, the gift shop can sell almost anything of the sort of thing sold in gift shops anywhere. But here are a few ideas you may not have thought of: stained glass window "inserts," salt cellars with tiny spoons, and miniature historic lead soldiers. These lead soldiers sell well.

The gift shop would also be happy to receive medium and small paper bags—clean and not too used looking. Sheets or partial sheets of synthetic plastic stickers, the kind used on cupboard doors to keep them from banging, would also be helpful.

Viva LeBlanc, our head sacristan, sends a special thank you to the person who sent the MET-ALL, a non-toxic brass polish. The feast day polishing will be so much easier.

And last but not least, can anyone donate a 4-volume Liturgy of the Hours in French?

As we prepare for the coming of the Christ Child, we will be continuing to pray for you. Let us all be open to receive the radiance of his humility, his littleness, his poverty, and his love so that we may grow into the fullness of the Gospel and pass on to all we meet the God we carry in us through our baptism.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (December 2010)


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