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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (November 2011)

In this column, we come to you each month to give you a glimpse into our day-to-day life and to tell you our needs in the various corners of our apostolate here in Combermere. We live in trust of God’s providence by asking for our needs, and he rewards our trust by moving the hearts of our friends to help us. This is so beautiful!

Here is a message from our office staff: "First of all, we thank all our generous benefactors who have kept us well-supplied these many years. It seems timely to tell you of some of our changing needs.

"In keeping with our spirit of begging, we have always tried to use donated ‘mix and match’ envelopes and paper. However, due to new postal regulations, our bulk mailings need to be 95% machine readable.

"This means that we have to have our labels commercially printed on uniform size and quality envelopes.

"Thanks to your generosity, we currently have a good supply of both #8 and #10 envelopes. We will let you know when our supply dwindles.

"Our paper needs have also changed. With modern technology and communication, we now use mostly computer printers, FAX, and Xerox machines.

In order to keep these machines in good working order, we need paper with good straight edges. And since stored paper tends to pick up moisture and get caught in the machines, our best copiers need new paper for optimum functioning and long life.

"We can still use paper that is "good-on-one-side" of uniform size and weight or any office letterhead that you are no longer using. But we realize that paper products are heavy, so we do not recommend that you send them by mail.

"If you have begun receiving 2011 calendars, pocket planners, or agendas that you will not be using, please keep us in mind."

The nurses are asking for wrist braces for right arms, bed pillows designed to support the neck, Band-Aids for knuckles, B complex (50 mg) and baby aspirin (81 mg).

Once again, our handicraft center, St. Raphael’s, is preparing for a winter of creative activity. In fact, pottery, spinning, weaving, and candle-making are already underway.

The staff there would be grateful for any materials you can provide. This month they need glue sticks for card making, chisel point black felt tip markers, and tin/lead (60/40) solder for stained glass work.

It’s not too early for us to gather supplies for next summer’s Cana Colony for families. Several cloth pillow covers that zip closed are needed.

As to our household needs, we would love to have some long-handled barbeque grill brushes to scrub our woodstoves.

Also, due to the natural mortality of crockery, our supply of standard 8-ounce white mugs is dwindling. Is there anyone who could obtain a supply for us? The mugs we are using are the standard type available at restaurant supply companies.

Other household needs are: unscented hand lotion, toothpaste, and rubber gloves in all weights (medium and large size).

As we pray daily for your intentions in our community prayers, you are very much in our hearts. Each day, too, Mass is offered by one of our MH priests or associates for all our friends, living and dead, and for all who ask our prayers. In November, we will be praying especially for your deceased family members and friends.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (November 2010)


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