Posted November 15, 2010:
Giving Birth to a Saint

by Fr. Eddie Doherty.

When a woman is giving birth to a child, she has a lot of pain. But when the child is delivered, she is full of joy that her son or daughter has come into the world.

I figure our whole life is like that. We are in labor all the time. We are sinners, and what we are trying to deliver is a saint. That’s what our whole life is about—or should be.

The pain is the sinner in us. And there are lots of doctors around us, to talk to us and give us advice. Maybe even some of the neighbors come in and tell you what to do and what not to do.

Yes, our whole life is a preparation for this delivery of that saint that is inside of us. When this baby is delivered, it will be simply wonderful! So take it easy. The joy of the birth will be much greater than all the pain of the labor.

An adaptation of a homily from May 24, 1974


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