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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (October 2010)

In October here in the Ottawa Valley, we are surrounded by color: yellow, orange, and red leaves and sparkling blue sky. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the beauty of God’s creation, for his provident care, and for all that you, our benefactors, do for us.

Mary Davis, our orchard keeper, is especially grateful for the two new rain jackets and pants sets someone sent her and for the big bag of plastic balls which she will use for apple maggot fly traps. She still needs bone meal, blood meal, and house plant food.

Marie-Thérèse McLaughlin sends a big thank you for the bars of soap. She is now asking for shampoo.

The 44 families who attended one of the weeks of Cana Colony this past summer have gone home renewed in heart, mind, and body. For next summer, Cana would like to have a few more badminton rackets, bread boxes, and a UNO card game for the kids.

The cooks are hoping someone will send some waxed paper for their Christmas baking.

The building we call "St. Martha’s" houses our main office and the subscription department for Restoration.

The general office has an ongoing need for paper suitable for a printer (both good on one side and good on both sides), Scotch tape, #10 envelopes, and ballpoint pens. The Restoration subscription department needs one-inch clear packing tape.

Ever attentive to our health needs, our nurses try to keep a few simple remedies on hand. Can you help them out by sending any of the following products? Over the counter Canesten cream (chlortrimazone), protein powder, zinc picolinate (25 mg.). vitamin B-6 (50 mg.), and Band-Aids (knuckle, thumb, and regular).

Living in a rural area as we do, we must drive to a landfill site with our garbage. Clear plastic bags are now required, so we are begging for extra strong clear plastic bags, both medium and large.

The craftspeople have asked for just two things: a JT-21 gun stapler, which they find indispensable for labeling boxes when they sort donations, and solder for stained glass work.

Please keep our gift shop in mind. Their stock is low after the busy summer season, and they would appreciate any gift items that can be sold to earn money for the support of missionaries in several different countries.

Thank you again for all you do to make our challenging Gospel way of life possible. I assure you of our constant prayers for you and your families. We are deeply united in the heart of Christ.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Mark Schlingerman and Susanne Stubbs (October 2010)


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