Posted September 20, 2010:
Run to Your Father

by Catherine Doherty.

I get irritated and miserable when I don’t run to my Father, when I don’t remember that I am little, when I don’t say, "Abba, Daddy."

Instead I say, "Now, Katie, you are a pretty brilliant dame. You’ve known this apostolate for a long time. Okay, you can solve this problem."

But if I run to my Father, and take his hand, and cry "Abba," and become very small—realizing that I can solve nothing—then the big, bad dog, which seemed the size of a mountain in Switzerland, suddenly becomes the size of a Pekinese.

My Father solves the problem, because I approached it in a childlike fashion, instead of in the pride of my intellect.

Being little, always little, being small, being poor, being childlike—this will solve every problem.

You have a terrible problem? Remember, you’re poor; if not in money, in other ways. So what do you expect? Do not be ashamed to be a failure.

If the Son of God saved us through what seemed a failure, then why can’t you save the world by failure, too? At least your little world.

I thank God for showing me that I am poor.

From Grace in Every Season, (2001), pp, 169-170, June 20, available from Madonna House Publications


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