Posted August 06, 2010:
During the Civil War (Liberia)

by Genevieve Enoe.

One night during the civil war, Catherine Lesage and I were awakened by the sound of bombing. Naturally, we were very frightened and called to Ronnie.

"Ronnie, did you hear that noise?" Pause. "Ye-e-e-e-s." "Do you think it’s bombing?" Pause. "Ye-e-e-e-s." Both yeses were sleepy and without emotion.

I told him we were going to the chapel to pray. Soldiers were driving past our house firing guns, so Catherine and I crawled to the chapel on our hands and knees.

After some minutes, Ronnie joined us, seemingly without a care, without fear. After we finished praying, Ronnie just went back to bed. He really trusted God.

There was a convent of American missionary Sisters not far from us. I remember one of them saying that she believed in poverty and chastity but not obedience.

One day, she asked Ronnie if he would do something for her, a job that would take two or three hours. Ronnie told her he’d have to check with me, his director, first. That was a real word to her about obedience.

When I left Liberia during the civil war (Catherine had left earlier), Ronnie stayed behind with a couple of local men who had volunteered to stay with him and help him carry on the work of the house.

We had little left to eat, and it was going quickly since people kept coming to our house asking for food.

I had hidden away some rice. I showed it to the men staying with Ronnie and told them it was for them and Ronnie. I didn’t tell Ronnie about it, because I knew that in his generosity he would just give it away.


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