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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (May-June 2010)

Picture a group of people delighting in spring and in the Resurrection. That’s us. And in the country, of course, spring also brings its own kinds of work. These days the attention and energy of our gardeners are focused on gardens and orchards.

They send a heartfelt thank you for the bone meal and the ample supply of sulfur that was donated, and they continue to need any type of apple-size plastic balls (red or that can be painted red). Mary Davis paints them with something sticky and hangs them on the apple trees to trap the insects what would destroy the apples.

Preparations are under way for Cana Colony, our vacation-retreat place for families that has been going for over fifty years. This summer, Cana will need adult-size life jackets and zippered cloth (not plastic) pillow covers.

Ralph Edelbrock, who repairs our electrical equipment, thanks you for the batteries that were sent. Now he needs 2 and 3-prong plugs, male and female, and a shop vac, 3 to 5 gallon size.

The gift shop will soon be in full swing, and the staff are busy stocking it with things people will want to buy. For instance, old pipes are of interest to our male customers. Also, the queen is coming to Canada this summer and so any coronation souvenirs will be popular.

We could also use cup and saucer display stands, the kind with a hook at the top to hang the cup. Thank you for the silver serving pieces: salad tongs, gravy ladles, cake servers, etc. These are very popular.

Our nurses want to thank everybody who sent over-the-counter meds. They are a huge help to us. Here is their list of products that need replenishing: Benedryl cream, kleenex, milk of magnesia, dry eye drops such as Refresh, magnesium (250 mg and vitamin D (400 I.U.).

The office staff are asking for pencil sharpeners (both the manual hand-held type and the wall or desk mounted kind). We know these kinds are rather old-fashioned, but they work well for us, and the ones we have are wearing out.

Other needs are computer paper (including what we call good-on-one-side), #10 envelopes (both air mail and regular), scotch tape, white-out correction fluid, and glue sticks. And our Restoration office continues to need small rolls of 2-inch packaging tape.

The men’s grooming shelf is quite sparse these days. Can you send them shaving cream and unscented or lightly scented after shave gel? A small hair dryer would be useful, too.

Finally, here are two miscellaneous items: masking tape and toe rubbers in men’s sizes. (Toe rubbers are a kind of overshoe that covers only the bottom half of the shoe.)

Well, that’s it for our material needs this month. Can we also count on your prayers that this year’s Cana Colony and our summer program go well?

And please pray that every Madonna House man, woman, and priest be strengthened to live Catherine’s spirit to the utmost. We can never forget to pray for you as we are reminded of your great generosity in everything we undertake.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (May-June 2010)


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