Posted June 10, 2010:
A Prophecy

by Bishop William Smith.

When he officially blessed the statue of Our Lady of Combermere on June 8, 1960, the bishop of our diocese said….

This afternoon in this very blessed part of the diocese, in this very beautiful part of the world, in the month of June, I know that, as the years go by, great graces will flow out all over this diocese, all over Canada and the United States, and all over the rest of the world through Our Lady of Combermere and the great work to which these people have dedicated their lives.

In blessing the statue of Our Lady of Combermere, I have in mind the thought that a great deal of the work necessary to bring the world to the feet of Our Lady will depend on the loyalty and devotion of the friends of Combermere.

There has been much progress here. The hand of God is in it. We hope that God will continue, through the hands of Our Blessed Mother, the dispenser of all graces, to bless this hallowed spot.

We seem to be living in a confused world, one becoming more confused all the time. As the years go by, it seems to me that the solution to the things troubling us will be cared for by Our Lady. She promised to help us, so long as we do our part.

So if we listen to her words in whatever work we do, and dedicate ourselves to her, we will have an opportunity to make recompense to God for many of the sins of the world.

Now we bless and dedicate the diocese and the country and all the Americas to our Lady of Combermere. Graces will go out in abundance from Our Lady of Combermere, and we will all benefit from this center of the lay apostolate—all of us—we in the diocese and those outside.


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