Posted May 13, 2010:
She Cannot Be Dismissed

by Catherine Doherty.

Infinite and varied are the aspects of Mary that we can choose to write about. For she is all things to all men and women—mother, virgin, housewife, contemplative, mother of laymen and women, mother of priests and nuns, patroness of modern lay apostles, lay woman par excellence, queen, and humble maid.

Centuries of writing have not even begun to tell of the height, depth, and grace of Miriam, the Mother of the Messiah.

Few write about her as a stumbling block, yet she is that, too. Her own people, the Jews, do not accept her. Protestant Christians find the cult and sea of Catholic words written about her incomprehensible. Pagans dismiss her more often than not. And our generation’s atheists, humanists, and neo-pagans choose either to ridicule her or to try to ignore her.

But, somehow, neither can be done. She cannot be dismissed. This woman wrapped in silence, who spoke so little and who, in her lifetime seemed almost a shadow deliberately effacing herself, stands immovable before our scoffing generation.

One cannot go "around her." Nor in truth can one find Jesus without her. For undeniable is this one fact: he chose to come to us through her—and he still does.

As centuries pass, she seems to become more and more visible. The world is aware of her now as never before. Newspapers, reluctant as they may be, report her increasing numbers of apparitions. All races, creeds, and even the creedless, are compelled to witness a growing devotion to her.

Slowly, the young Jewish maiden so well hidden in the temple of Jerusalem and then in the humdrum life of Nazareth is emerging as the woman clothed with the sun, the moon under her feet, and a crown of stars on her head (Rv 12:1). Queen of the universe. Not only of our little planet earth, but of the universe!

An awesome sight. A sight that brings unrest in hearts and places and countries wherever her image is banned. Why is it banned? No authority bans what it does not fear. How right they are to fear her! For she is a challenge to all unlawful power and is indeed all powerful just because she is the Mother of God.

Nowhere is her power better understood than in the kingdom of darkness, which seems to be so successful these tragic days. At the mere mention of Mary, uncertainty and fear possess those who belong to darkness, for she is indeed more powerful than all human armies arrayed for battle. Woe to them who oppose her!

As for the others who do not hate her but try to ignore her, or find her a stumbling block, she hides her powers and becomes the gentle woman of Nazareth, who walks with them on quiet feet through their nights and days, knowing that ignorance alone is responsible for their lack of love and understanding.

Slowly, they will come to feel her presence. Alleluia! For make no mistake about it, she will conquer again.

Adapted from Bogoroditza, pp. 72, 73, (2001), available from Madonna House Publications.


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