Posted April 09, 2010 in Lent and Easter:

by Caryll Houselander.

He rose again.
He set his pierced feet
On the dusty roads.
He broke the bread with his hands.
He hid his glorious light.
He is still on earth in the host.
He is crucified in the Mass
And in my Communion,
Rises again in me.

Whatever I have to suffer,
However hardly I die to self,
He will rise in me.

However numbed I have been
By even the greatest sorrow,
The cruelest disappointment,
He will rise again in me.

With a deeper knowledge of God
And a wiser tenderness
For man, and a lasting peace.

Like the return of spring
Piercing the hardest ground
After the frozen winter.

I shall know that it is not I
Who have triumphed over self
But Christ in me
And I shall hear his voice,
Secretly in my heart,
"Fear not, it is I,
I have overcome the world."


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