Posted March 29, 2010:
The Cross is the Answer

by Catherine Doherty.

When we’re afraid to love, we take a course on interpersonal relationships! When we’re afraid to look at our inner self, we take another course in psychology. Always a fear of loving, a fear of the cross.

Remember the song, "So high, can’t go over it; so low, can’t get under it. So wide, you can’t go around it." You just have to go through it. That’s the cross.

And here we are, busy eschewing that cross with tranquilizers and mood lifters, with… Oh well. I can name them, but I won’t. Anything and everything. We eschew any kind of faith.

Yet, when we’re discouraged, the cross is the answer. When I’m discouraged I remember that I have recourse to the only thing I know will keep me from absolute discouragement, and that is Calvary.

Whenever I feel things are too much for me, I take refuge at the foot of the cross. Even if the whole world is shrouded in darkness, and the curtains of all my temples are rent, I know that—although I cannot see, or hear, or understand—I am safe at the feet of my crucified Savior.

Adapted from Grace in Every Season, February 23, pp.63-64, (2001), available from Madonna House Publications.


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