Posted February 25, 2010 in Lent and Easter:
We Are Saved Sinners

by Jean Fox.

We say, "I’m wounded" or "I can’t help that because I’m wounded." We must learn to say, "No, it’s not my wound that makes me mean and irritable and devious and hateful. It’s the fact that I’m a sinner."

We are sinners. That is a real part of our inner being that needs to be transformed. And since we are sinners, we must go through the penance, fasting, and discipline of the ascetical exercises prescribed by the Church, especially during Lent.

These will help us become more tender, gentle, patient, loving, and receptive to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Church realizes that without these, we’ll become blobs on the face of the earth.

But it’s not these disciplines that are the center of this work. It’s the coming to know and accepting the fact that we are sinners.

But the good news is that we are saved sinners, beloved by God, sinners who can reach up night and day for his mercy.

Adapted from Inflamed by Love, pp. 77-78, (2002) available from MH Publications.


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