Posted January 06, 2010:
If Only…

by Fr. Bob Wild.

One of the magnificent things about the Three Wise Men was that they only had a star.

They didn’t know anything about the prophets, the Messianic promises, the Kingdom of God. All they had was a star, but they followed that star with all their might.

Lots of people were nearby when Christ was born, people who had all the information about the expected Messiah, people who "knew it all." They didn’t move at all.

The Wise Men probably traveled over a thousand miles from Mesopotamia. They didn’t presume to know it all. Though they were probably very rich and intelligent, they had the humility to ask for directions as they went. We know they did because they went to King Herod.

We often think: "If only I had more faith. If only I were like him or her. If only I had had a better upbringing. If only I were in a different place. If only I had been born in a different century. If only I were not living with these people. If only I had the graces that so and so has, then you’d really see me move in my life with God!" This is an illusion.

The other thing is that we can hardly believe God would be so interested in me as to give me a personal star, personal guidance, perfectly suited to my own interior journey.

Or we wish we had a different star. Nonsense!

It’s not necessary to "have it all together," and there are no perfect circumstances for following the star. It’s a matter of wanting to follow it, of having the courage, the faith, the generosity to do it. That’s the most important thing.

Follow your star, whichever star the Lord has given you, with all your might, and one day you will find the Child. It’s as simple as that.


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