Posted January 27, 2010:
A Restoration Baby

by Bonnie Staib, circulation manager.

Last week I received a call from one of our subscribers. "I haven’t read the current issue of Restoration yet," the woman told me. "There’s a story I’ve been meaning to tell you but never get to it, so I told myself I wouldn’t read the next issue of the paper until I phoned you." Here’s her story.

In our February 2009 issue, the lead article was called "A Healing We Didn’t Know We Needed." In it, Fr. Pat McNulty talked about Sara, a little girl who had Downs Syndrome. Sara loved to kiss the statues of Jesus and Mary and through this brought people of her parish healing.

This article deeply touched the woman who called last week, so much so that she put the paper down to ponder it and didn’t read any more of the articles.

Very shortly after that, her daughter called from another city saying that her pregnant friend had been urged by a team of three specialists to abort the child in her womb.

They told her that her unborn child had a hole in his heart and multiple physical deformities and that he would be severely mentally handicapped. If he survived until birth, they told her, he would probably die in her arms.

What should she tell her friend?

Our Restoration subscriber knew immediately what to say. "Tell your friend not to abort but to keep the baby and to trust God," she told her. "If the baby dies shortly after birth, he will die having been held and loved. This is so important for both of them." She immediately sent her daughter her unfinished copy of Restoration to give to her friend.

The friend did not abort, and six months have passed since that little boy was born. Yes, he had to have heart surgery and will face another surgery at some point, but he is "beautiful and thriving, bright and alert." As far as they can tell so far, his mind is fine.

This is the second baby we know about, whom Restoration played a part in saving. (Our editor, Paulette, is calling them "Restoration babies.") The first was an Israeli Arab Christian baby girl who was saved through an article about a Russian couple who had chosen not to abort their baby. (Cf. "Letters to the Editor", April 2009.)

We pray for all our readers as we write the articles, edit, lay out the paper, keep track of subscriptions, and mail it out. This woman’s phone call reminded us all of the power of prayer.

(P.S. After we talked on the phone, I sent her six copies of that February 2009 issue.)


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