Posted December 28, 2009 in Advent and Christmas:
The Word Made Flesh

by Catherine de Vinck.

And the Word was made flesh
and dwelt among us.
Jn 1:14

The stars speak
in their Christmas tongues,
hang their cold silver overhead.

How can this be taught:
what the water says
in its transparent running;
what the earth hums
in the labyrinth of its roots?

How can this be heard:
these hosannahs
sustained from age to age:
voices of elephants and sparrows
alleluias of luminous flowers
white canticles of snowflakes & moonlight
and the ever-rising chorus of leaves
shaking green sound into the air?

How can this be understood:
she who has never known man
—a singular woman, yet like any other
rich in flesh and blood—
she breaks open: the Child bursts forth
wild and free, hearing within himself
the chant of the seven seas
the song of the whales
the tumult of angels unrolling
great banners of praise
and the immense concert of all the hosts,
heavenly and others, shepherds, wise men
fools on every continent
singing day after day
as the blue planet turns
on the spindle of time:

"Holy, Holy, Holy Lord
God of Power
God of Might!"


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