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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (December 2009)

Maranatha! Come O Christ, our High Priest, Prophet, and King! In Advent, as we listen to the prophetic calls announcing your coming, we welcome you anew into our hearts. During this Year for Priest, we come to you our High Priest and place in your heart all bishops and priests.

Much of our prayer and adoration takes place in the midst of simple daily life—in the handicraft center, gift shop, laundry, kitchen, and office, for example.

At the handicraft center where, among other things, they restore furniture, they need wood varnish to finish some of their projects. They could also use some water color paints. They send a note of thanks to those who sent the red card stock paper, which they much appreciate.

The gift shop reports an interest in antique sewing items such as thimbles and needles, miniature brass and china figurines, pipes, and pipe racks.

As we told you in recent Restorations, St. Mary’s has undergone extensive renovations this summer. They are asking for Gorilla Glue, Goo-Gone, WD40, and plastic clothes pins that have a hook for holding face cloths. And because their building is very large, they use many night lights. So they are asking for 4 watts clear night light bulbs.

Our gardeners still need rain coats and pants, bone meal, blood meal and whiffle balls or any plastic balls the size of apples. These balls, when they are coated with a sticky substance, help catch the insects that attack our apple trees.

At the kitchen, they continue to need coffee urns—75 cup and 100 cup. They are also asking for small glass juice bottles with lids. We use these to take milk to our dorms for morning coffee. Beside that, they need wire mesh colanders/strainers and book matches.

Though Cana Colony is hibernating for the winter, we look forward to next summer when the families will be back. They’ll be using row boats then and will be needing adult-size life jackets. Do you have any you could send us?

Many thanks to those who sent the large envelopes (9 x 12) to Restoration. What a help! This time, the office could use some scotch tape: wide and regular sizes as well as the kind that adheres on both sides. And paper and envelopes of all sizes are always needed.

The laundry is sending an S.O.S. for men’s and women’s handkerchiefs. The winter sniffle season is upon us, and we are very low on them. They are also asking for spray starch to keep the corporals for the Mass crisp, Woolite-type soap, and Sunlight or Fels Naptha laundry bar soap.

If you have visited a Canadian hospital lately, you may have noticed the signs saying, "This is a scent free environment." Here at Madonna House, we are finding that more and more people suffer from chemical sensitivities, and so we are on the lookout for unscented hand lotions, deodorants, hair care products, etc.

We are grateful for all the toothpaste you sent. This time we are asking for soft tooth brushes and waxed dental floss. With all of this, we should be able to keep our teeth in good shape.

During the December days of awaiting the birth of our Lord Jesus, our hearts are filled with gratitude to God for his lavishness to us through you, our friends. Know that you are especially in our hearts during the Advent and Christmas liturgies. May each of our lives proclaim his presence to the world.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Suzanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (December 2009)


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