Posted December 07, 2009:
Mary’s Waiting

by Marie Javora.

Dearest Mother, your life was one of waiting. You had so many times of waiting. The angel came to ask you if you would consent to God’s will that you become the Mother of his Son. You gave your wholehearted yes, and then there was the waiting time of pregnancy.

There was also the agonizing waiting time before the great mystery was revealed to Joseph. You were silent, trusting the Father to reveal it to him in his own time.

Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.

Then there was the journey to Bethlehem and the agonizing waiting to find a place for Jesus to be born. Again you trusted. The Father chose a cave, a stable for animals, and it became heaven.

But your time of peace was not long. Soon you and Joseph and the Child had to flee to Egypt to escape Herod. Again you waited. God would tell you when to return to Israel. How hard that must have been!

Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.

I am sure there were many little waitings during your life with Jesus and Joseph in Nazareth. And always you knew that one day Jesus would have to leave home. The day came. From then on, your heart was always united with Jesus, but how much you must have waited for his returns to Galilee.

Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.

The hardest waiting was surely during those three years of Jesus’ public life. A waiting of dread, for you knew what awaited him, and yet a waiting of longing, too, for Jesus longed for that day of his total gift of himself for us. Your will and his will were one.

Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.

What was the waiting like when Jesus was brought to judgment before the Sanhedrin and then before Pilate? Did you hope against hope that he would be freed?

You followed him on his way to Calvary and waited for the chance to embrace him one more time before he was nailed to the cross. It was given to you, and the embrace gave Jesus the strength to go on.

Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.

Then there was the waiting beneath the cross. Who will ever know the agony of the two Hearts that were united as one! You waited beneath the cross for the end. The end was the beginning, but for your human heart it must have felt like the end. Then there was the haste of the burial, and again a waiting.

You knew, and your faith never wavered. Jesus would arise. How can any waiting compare with your waiting for this? Time must have stopped for you. Serene in your agony, you waited.

Then he came, and his embrace broke through the sorrow into an ecstasy of joy.

Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.

There were forty more days of waiting. You knew he would be leaving this earth. Then there was the waiting for the Promised One to come on the apostles. All was fulfilled.

From then on, there was only one waiting—the waiting for Jesus to come to take you to be with him in his kingdom. Again, you were serene, totally conformed to his will and his time.

Teach me, Holy Mother, to wait.

Teach me to never run ahead of Jesus. Teach me to wait instead, and then, when he calls, to follow him.

Fiat. Let it be done to me. Alleluia!


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