Posted November 25, 2009:
Saints: No Two Alike

by Catherine Doherty.

Saints (and all Christians are supposed to be saints-in-the-making) are the most original, individualistic, adventuresome people in the world. As you get to know the lives of the saints, note how no two of them are alike. The Lord loves diversity in unity!

If we can compare the saints to a garden of flowers in which he takes delight, I personally imagine that he would be very bored if the garden were all lilies, all roses, or all any one type of flower. The beauty of a garden is its diversity, its originality, its individuality.

So it is with the minds, bodies, and hearts of the saints. I’ve been thinking lately that we are commissioned by God to bring variety, holy individuality, originality, and a spirit of adventure into a world that is robot-like in its conformity.

From Grace in Every Season, Sept. 10, p.243 (2001), available from MH Publications.


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