Posted November 20, 2009 in The Pope's Corner:
Every Moment of Our Lives

by Pope Benedict XVI.

God created and redeemed us so that we might be saints. We cannot be satisfied with a lukewarm Christian life.

Nor can Christian life be reduced merely to a few individual and isolated acts of piety. It must embrace every moment of our days on this earth.

Jesus Christ must be present in the faithful fulfillment of our ordinary daily duties, interwoven with details that seem small and unimportant, but these tasks acquire importance and supernatural grandeur when they are done out of love for God.

The martyrs scaled the peak of heroism in the battle in which they gave their lives for Christ. The heroism to which God calls us is hidden in the thousand skirmishes of daily life.

We must be convinced that our holiness—this holiness to which God calls us—consists in achieving what Pope John Paul II called the "high standard of ordinary Christian living" (Novo Millennio Ineunte, no. 31).

We must examine our lives courageously and make practical resolutions to discover whether our faith and love are expressed heroically in our own lives—a heroism of faith and love in action, as people inserted into history like the leaven that causes the dough to rise.

Faith helps us to purify reason so that it may succeed in perceiving the truth.

Being Christian therefore obliges us to be uninhibited as we face our duty to contribute to the common good and to shape society in accordance with justice.

It obliges us to defend—in dialogues modeled by love—our convictions on the dignity of the person from conception to natural death, on the family founded on the one indissoluble matrimonial union of a man and a woman, our convictions on the parents’ primary right and duty to decide on the education of their children, and on other matters that arise in the daily life of the society in which we live.

Let us conclude by turning with trust to Our Lady so that, on fire with a burning desire for holiness, we may follow the example of the martyrs.

Excerpted from the homily at the Mass for the beatification of 498 martyrs of Spain during the 1930s, October 28, 2007.


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