Posted October 20, 2009:
Go to Joseph

by Catherine Doherty.

Go to Joseph, of course, the young, strong, silent man. His silence, once entered into, heals all it touches. His silence is a school of courage, faith, and love. It makes a beautiful bridge between man and God, a bridge we need to find, oh, so terribly much today, when most lives are so empty of God that men have even forgotten the way back to him.

To Joseph, of course, the poor man whose Foster Son was born in a stable, and whose family lived most frugally in a little forgotten village of Palestine, but who held in his arms the wealth of the Nations and the Light of the World, and who can teach us all how to empty our hands of tinsel and fill them with love, faith, and happiness.

To Joseph, of course, the mender of broken toys, furniture, houses, as well as broken hearts, souls, bodies, minds and families.

Yes, let us go to Joseph, whom Jesus and Mary loved so much.

From Grace in Every Season, May 1, p. 125, (2001), available from MH Publications.


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