Posted October 13, 2009:
Depending on St. Joseph

by Albert Osterberger.

As with St. Joseph, whom Albert loved deeply, it was basically his life rather than his words that spoke. But some of Albert’s words did get preserved. Here are a few of them.

Be alert and responsible when driving, but at the same time, do not forget to depend on Our Lady and St. Joseph. They are the best mechanics you will ever have. The more you know about vehicles, the more you appreciate this. The more you know about what can go wrong, the more you recognize and appreciate their helping hand.
at the end of a course in Auto Mechanics to the MH men in March 1962

We are living in a century of brokenness. We must not evade the brokenness in ourselves, individually or communally. We must choose instead to live by grace. We have much to be humble about; yet God will make up what is wanting. It is not important for us to be perfectly healed, only healed enough to live our vocation and not pass our wounds on to others.

We can’t spend our energies on what can’t be transformed, but we need to create from what we have been given. The early Christians did not go about restoring the institutions of Rome.

What feels like death is often new life coming, a flower opening. Brokenness ought not to discourage us. We need to be more tender with one another. The Lord is at work. We must trust and listen to Our Lord and Our Lady.

This last word is from Larry Klein, one of the men of Madonna House:

Albert loved St. Joseph and entrusted all his cares to him. In his trust, Albert fathered us all into trust in the Father’s care for our lives.


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