Posted September 28, 2009:
I Will Love You If…

by Steve Héroux.

Have you ever wished that someone else would change? I have more than once and for more than one person. In fact, I have to admit I wish this quite often. When I say change, I mean, you know, that he or she would, well, improve a little. You know what I mean?

What exactly do I mean? That is the question my heart has been asking of late. And to be perfectly honest, what I mean is simply this: I wish that he wasn’t so difficult to get along with.

I wish that she wasn’t so opinionated and that he would be quiet once in a while. I wish that she wasn’t so obnoxious and that he would stop hurting me. I wish that she wasn’t so aggravating, manipulative, or stubborn, that he would stop being so negative or self-absorbed, and that she would finally get it together. I wish that he would love me.

If I am completely honest, I have to admit that I am actually not all that concerned with the good and well-being of those people. What I am really concerned about is that he/she/they stop being a challenge for me.

The truth is that I want you to change so that you won’t trouble me anymore. Sure, I can find all kinds of good reasons why you should "improve" a little. You and everyone else around you (including me, of course) would be so much happier if only you could get over this weakness, this defect, this thing! If only you would stop it….

I mean, I would love you, really, if only you were different. I would give you my time, my smile, my attention, my care, my respect, and my trust—perhaps even my heart. But as it is, you are just too difficult. So I will continue to wish that—hopefully soon—this thing in you (that troubles me so much) will be resolved.

In the meantime, of course, since I’m a Christian, I will continue to try and tolerate you. I’ll be polite and civil—but from a certain distance.

Please, do not reproach me that I don’t really care for you. I am too busy making sure that you don’t ruffle my feathers. You are not an easy case, you know. And, to be sure, I am not the only one who says so. I have talked this over with at least one person. Or was it with two—or three? In any case, I am sure you will understand my position.

The tears of the one who died for all fall quietly on a heart of stone—the tears of him who so loved you and me that he gave up his life for us, completely and freely. This One who spoke of his Father’s love and called me friend, he who let me nail his hands and feet to a beam, he who let me place a crown of thorns on his brow, he who let me pierce his heart with a lance.

His tears quietly fall upon my all too reasonable and arrogant heart—the tears of a Poor Fool begging: Love one another as I have loved you.


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