Posted August 20, 2009:

Compiled by the staff of St. Mary’s.

These are some quotes from Elsie’s last years. Not even her dementia could quench her spirit and love of life.

Elsie said, "God said, ‘For goodness sake, have fun. That’s why I created you.’" Fr. Ron Cafeo said, "Did God tell you that?" Elsie: "Yep." (September 2006)

Elsie used to go with Ronnie MacDonnell on Sunday afternoon to visit at the nursing home in the nearby town of Barry’s Bay. One of those Sundays she said, "It’s good for someone to visit those old people." (Jan. 2006)

Elsie said that she had a wonderful day. Someone asked her why it was so wonderful, and she answered, "It’s my life and I can make it wonderful, or I can make it miserable." (May 2006)

On the evening of June 8th, the feast of Our Lady of Combermere, we all gather at her statue for the rosary. It is a very buggy time of year.

After Elsie got there, she said, "I promised myself last year I’d never do this again because I got all bit up, and here I am. Too bad I forgot." (June 2006)

When Mary Pennefather came to stay at Our Lady of the Visitation, the wing where the elderly staff live, Elsie, who was already living there, greeted her with, "You have come to the very best place to spend the best years of your life." (April 2005)

At her 85th birthday party, Elsie was asked for a word. She said, "Enjoy life." (June 2005)

When we were giving our traditional Easter greeting, "Christ is risen!" to one another, Elsie said, "Thank goodness he did!" (April 2006)

Elsie asked Fr. Ron "What do you do here?" He told her some things—saying Mass, taking care of the cemetery, etc. She said, "Wow! You’re busy. I don’t do anything." (December 2008)

Elsie’ response to the question, "How was your day?" "Perfect." (August 2007)

Speaking to Kathy Rodman after the evening rosary: "When I get to heaven and you get to heaven, let’s sit next to each other." (March 2007)

Elsie was watching March of the Penguins, a video she loved and must have seen 99 times. When she saw a little penguin chick hatch, she softly repeated under her breath, "Thank you, God. Thank you!" (September 2006

Fr. Ron and Elsie were walking home from the main house. It was a brilliant night, full of stars. Elsie looked up and said, "Just think. When we die we will be looking down from the other side." (2007)

Elsie said, "This is the best place in the world to die." (March 8, 2003)

Because of sickness and fatigue, an evening meeting was cancelled, and it was suggested that all of us rest. Elsie said, "I’m good at resting." (February 2006)

On the fiftieth anniversary of her MH promises, when someone congratulated her, Elsie said, "I’d do it all over again!" (August 2005)


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