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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (July-August 2009)

We had a cool spring this year, making it seem like a very long wait for summer. So now that it has almost arrived, it is especially welcome, as are all the activities it brings.

Joanne Weisbeck and helpers are busy setting up Cana Colony for the families who will be coming to spend a week of vacation/retreat. Though the cabins will soon be ready, they still need more dish towels and adult-size life jackets.

Our gift shop is now on summer hours, and though the shelves are full, they will need re-stocking throughout the season.

Here’s a list of things that sell easily: tiny medals for watches, silk scarves, jack knives, antique door knobs, and small musical instruments such as harmonicas and tin whistles. Old Victorian-style rings also sell well. (If they are damaged or have missing stones, we can fix them.)

The gift shop staff are also asking for products they need to prepare and package donations for selling: products such as 2 x 2 inch plastic zip-lock bags, small alarm clock batteries (A613), good quality earring studs and shepherd hooks for jewelry repair, and metal cleaners such as MAAS, Quick-Dip, MET-ALL, Brasso, and Silvo. Any of these that you could send would be much appreciated.

The farm is looking for an old second-hand stainless steel bulk tank. If you know of one, please let us know. They re also asking for a tool called a "smart fix," for maintaining their electric fence.

We will soon be needing a supply of medium-size garbage bags, preferably clear plastic, as new regulations requiring them at the dump will soon be in effect. We can still use the colored bags for other purposes.

Our three funerals in February brought to our attention the fact that it would be good to have a few 3-ring binders on hand for the memorial album the archives department put together so lovingly for each person who dies. The kind that have 1-1 ½ -2 inch rings and a plastic sleeve on the front cover works best.

The men of the H.E.L.P. department (heating, electric, landscaping, and plumbing) are asking for a few indispensable supplies: 1 - 1¼ and 1½ inch rubber sink and tub drain plugs, kitchen sink basket strainers of all types (we have many types of sinks), duct tape, LED flashlights and batteries (AAA, AA, and C).

Summer is also allergy season, and our nurses would be happy to receive such things as 24-hour meds and decongestants, such as Sudafed.

They are also asking for: small ankle supports, witch hazel, Vitamins C (500 mg) and B (50 mg), anti-diarrhea meds such as Immodium, Gravol (50 mg) or other anti-nausea medicines, hand-sanitizers, and non-digital thermometers (non-mercury if possible.)

Our kitchen crew is still looking for a food processor such as Cuisinart, electric popcorn poppers, and matches, (both book and strike-anywhere types).

Our most urgent household needs at the moment are: bar soap (unscented if possible), dental floss, and disposable razors. We are also getting low on Murphy’s Oil Soap, which we use for cleaning our wooden dining room floor.

We were thrilled to find several CD cases among the donations we sorted last month. Our publications department has on ongoing need for them, so please keep them coming.

Our main office, St. Martha’s, is responsible for providing office supplies to all the other departments such as the handicraft center, gift shop, library, farm, Restoration, and so forth.

St. Martha’s is the source for such basic supplies as pens, scotch tape, 8 ½ by 11 paper, envelopes, and black felt-tip pens, both narrow and wide. So anything you are able to send in this line will be given to whichever department needs it.

We don’t like to think about snow in summer, but come winter we will be needing medium and large plastic snow shovels for our paths.

In conclusion, let us say that, though we beg in this column for the specific needs we are aware of at a particular time, rest assured that we are very grateful for all the other wonderful things you continually send us as well. Your donations are necessary for the works of our apostolate, and we feel blessed by your generosity.

May Our Lord and his Mother surround you and your families with great joy in one another.

In Our Lady of Combermere, Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (July-August 2009)


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