Posted August 07, 2009:
Listen to the Spirit: He Will Lead You

by Fr. Bob Sharkey.

Listen to the Spirit. Pray to the Spirit to lead you.

Ponder what he is presenting to you. … Consider it. Weigh it. What is he telling you? …

Call on the Spirit to guide you. Ask him to verify your thoughts, your decisions, your actions. Accept the ideas, directions, he gives you. Put aside your own desires or plans or "good ideas" or solutions….

Be faithful to the path that the Spirit opens up for you. Seek the opinions of those who are experienced or learned or elderly or good-hearted. You don’t necessarily have to accept them.

Your primary guide is the Spirit. You are receiving a Word from the Holy Spirit. You probably think that it is your own idea. You assume that you thought it up and are pleased with yourself. It seems simple, but you begin to see that it comes from another Source.

The truth is not your own. It has been given to you from a higher power. The Holy Spirit opens your mind and heart and feeds you with a deeper wisdom. You will receive it and acknowledge it; trust it. You will gradually be penetrated more and more by the Spirit.

As you receive the deeper Wisdom, the Spirit’s gift, you will become humble and confident, knowing that you are not your own, but the humble, peaceful servant of God. Clear and simple words will be spoken to you. Truth, even profound truth, will fall upon you. You will recognize and know the spiritual gifts that have been given you.

This will become, even in this life, an invitation into the divine and eternal spiritual life. It will gradually open up into the full possession of the Divine Wisdom.

Listen to the Spirit. He will lead you. That is what your life is all about. Love of God. Eager desire to serve God. Deeper and deeper continual surrender to God. Ever greater longing for God. Overflowing joy for God.

This was found among Fr. Sharkey’s papers. It may have been the basis for a teaching.


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