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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (April 2009)

Christ is risen, dear friends! The knowledge of his immense love for you and the radiance of his light in you allows us to once again come to you with our needs.

Our nurses are trying to keep us in shape; (smile!) so they are on the lookout for 1, 2, 4 and 5-pound ankle weights as well as good jump ropes. They’re also asking for Extra-Strength Tylenol, Epsom salts, witch hazel, canker sore and cold sore medicine, Tums, Rolaids, gas relief tablets, liquid Maalox, and Gaviscon.

Looking toward summer, Joanne Weisbeck is setting her sights on opening Cana colony for another year. She is asking for white cardboard, at least 12" x 16", to make signs welcoming the families that will be coming. Each sign includes the family’s names, and we make about 45 of them each summer.

Our carpenters are continuing to work on the addition to St. Anne’s, our men guests’ dormitory. They have finished the dry walling and mudding, and they will be needing more dry wall tape and also some white and other light-colored latex paint to cover these walls.

After a good season of logging in the bush, our farmers are now in need of wood splitting maul handles for the crews that will chop this wood—wood that will keep us warm and cook our food for the coming year.

The men are asking for steel shovels with 14" face width, and come next winter, they will also be needing snow shovels.

This newspaper continues to come to you regularly through the loving hands of the Restoration staff. To mail to subscribers who receive more than one copy, they have an ongoing need for 9 x 12 mailing envelopes.

If you have some that have already been printed, we can cover your return addresses. One inch or wider mailing tape would also be appreciated.

The office staff, too, are asking for envelopes—#10 white business—and also any 8½ x 11 scrap paper (blank on one side), old office stationery whose letterhead we can cut off, and computer printer paper.

Soon the summer crowds will be streaming into the beautiful Madawaska Valley, and that means the bookshop, gift shop, and museum will be very busy. In these shops, the books and others items you send us are turned into gold for the poor of our world.

To clean and polish some of these donations, the gift shop staff could use some superfine steel wool (OOOO), and Silvo and Brasso polish.

These days at the shop, small religious statues, especially of St. Joseph, St. Francis, and St. Theresa are in great demand.

Our H.E.L.P. (heating, electrical, and plumbing) department keeps things flowing, and to aid them in this, they need toilet plungers.

Some of our batteries need replacing, especially AA, AAA and D sizes. The men could also use electric power bars and 2 and 3-prong multi-port adaptors.

Cooking for 100-plus people on a regular basis means our kitchen cooks deal with large quantities! They would be grateful for large wire mesh colanders to rinse grains.

We still need 100-cup coffee urns, book matches, wooden matches and mouse traps (Mice like grains too!)

Many thanks for sending the wire twist ties for our food processing. We could use some more if you have any more around.

Our large cooking pots need cleaning after each meal, and coarse green scrubbies are especially useful since they don’t hurt the pots. We could also use some metal chore girls for the tougher scrubbing jobs.

The gardens are beckoning, and the ground will likely be fairly wet after all the snow we had this winter. Mary Davis, our head gardener, and her crew are asking for rubber boots in women’s sizes. They could also use some bone meal and blood meal.

Rounding out our needs this month is the laundry. They need men’s and women’s handkerchiefs, Spray & Wash, Shout (a stain remover) and some soap suitable for wool so that our winter sweaters and other woolen washables can be washed and put away until next winter.

We continue to be united with each of you. May the Risen Lord renew within you the wellspring of his love. Know that our gratitude and daily prayers are with you during the Easter Season.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (April 2009)


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