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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (February 2009)

February is probably our quietest month. Not that nothing is happening, but even our February celebrations tend to be sedate, such as the Presentation of Mary and Harlem Foundation Day (the anniversary of one of Catherine’s earlier Friendship Houses).

In February, also, apart from shoveling snow and cutting wood, most of our work is indoors. It’s a good month in which to begin Lent.

It’s also a good month for office work. Can you help us with office supplies? 8 ½ x 11 paper (plain or "good on one side"), 11 x 14 paper, #10 envelopes, closed-end file folders (both legal and letter size), white correction fluid, typewriter cartridges for Brother typewriters, and jewel cases for CDs.

Bonnie Staib, Restoration’s circulation manager, is immensely grateful for the scale one of you sent us. Thank you.

Winter or not, the farm work still calls for outdoor work. The farmers need warm winter mitts for their chores, egg baskets, a toboggan, and, if you live fairly near us and have one to give away, a three-season calf carrying cart.

The kitchen crew does a wonderful job on feast day meals. They are looking for items to make their feastday preparations smoother for the Easter season: 2-cup gravy boats, salad dressing containers (we are currently using creamers), and small bowls for condiments. Five-ounce prep bowls or ceramic or glass ramekins would work great.

Their everyday needs are for chopping boards, 2-cup plastic containers, book matches, and rubber spatulas.

The men who recently put in the electric wiring for the addition to the men guests’ dorm are asking for sharp small hand tools, especially linesman pliers, needlenose pliers, and side-cutters.

Please continue to remember our nurses who count on your donations of over-the-counter meds to help us with our ailments.

Here are a few they are low on. We’re listing them by their common brand names, but other brands and no-names equivalents would be fine: 24-hour antihistamines such as Allegra/Claritin, extra strength Tylenol (500 mg caplets) Sudafed decongestant (30 mg), and Myoflex muscle rub.

They are also asking for hand supports and elbow supports or braces, multi-purpose solution for soft contact lenses, hot air humidifiers, and vitamin D (400 and 1000 mg).

Last of all, the St. Mary’s community is in need of a sturdy, family-size washing machine in good condition. If anyone within reasonable distance has or knows of one they could have, they would be most grateful.

Besides beginning Lent in February, we will be celebrating, as we said at the beginning of this column, Catherine Doherty’s foundation of Friendship House Harlem (an African-American part of New York City) on February 14th.

We ask you to join us in giving thanks to God for her courage and faithfulness and for the incarnation of the Gospel that she taught us. Please pray that we stay faithful to the humble, ordinary life of Nazareth where Jesus, Mary, and Joseph bring love and peace to all who come through our blue doors. We are deeply grateful for your support and love.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman.


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