Posted February 12, 2009 in My Dear Family:
Hospitality of the Heart

by Catherine Doherty.

What the world needs most today is the hospitality of the heart. Hospitality of the heart means accepting all others as they are, allowing them to make themselves at home in one’s heart.

To be at home in another person’s heart means touching love, the love of a brother or sister in Christ. Touching the love of another means realizing that God loves us. For it is through the other—our neighbor, our brother, our sister—that we can begin to understand the love of God.

This is especially necessary in our strange technological loneliness that has separated us so thoroughly not only from our neighbors, but from our fathers, mothers, grandparents, in short, from our relations. Yes, our technological age has begotten a terrible loneliness.

We must begin to give the hospitality of the heart. In other words, we must open ourselves to a sharing of friendship that is rooted in the very heart of Christ whom we call our friend.

We have to shed our "stiff upper lips." We have to be open to the other, share with the other, express our love for the other. This can only be done if we open the doors of our hearts. Let us do that now, before the doors of our hearts are frozen shut by some new technological achievement.

From Grace in Every Season, (2001), p 30, January 14, available from MH Publications.


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