Posted October 15, 2008 in My Dear Family:
Living Between Two Masses

by Catherine Doherty.

Your life as a lay person in the world is hard, and the life around you will be grim, even sordid at times. But God will give you strength. Everything can be borne between two Masses.

If every morning you eat the bread of the saints, you will be able to face any kind of day. Your mind and heart will be nourished, too, by the Word of God. The voice of the psalmist and the warm tones of the voice of Christ will give you courage and new hope. Your faith will be renewed.

You plunge into the sea of fire that is the Mass and come out burning, ready to go forth and light fires of love, no matter where you are.

The Mass, above all, is the school of love, the love of God for us, and of us for God. Our faith centers around the Mass—and the immense and infinite thought I never tire of repeating—that God loved us first, and that all we have to do to be fiery Catholics is to love him back.

From Grace in Every Season, April 19th, (2001), available from Madonna House Publications.


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