Posted September 16, 2008 in One Man's Scrap:
Do You Grow Apples?

Here is an unusual request. Since with our soil and climate, we are unable to produce fruit in the quantity our large family needs, we are dependent on donations. For many years a generous monastery has shared its apples with us, but now the monks are no longer growing them.

Are there any of you within reasonable driving distance—probably within Ontario—who would be able to share some of your apples with us—say perhaps 10 to 50 bushels or more? Or other fruit? Though apples work best for us, we would appreciate other fruit as well.

We would be happy to go and pick and transport what you give us.

If you are able to help us in this way, please phone Scott Eagan at our farm: 613-756-9016.

We would be so grateful.


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