Posted March 21, 2008 in Lent and Easter:
Wrapped in Christ’s Shroud

by Catherine Doherty.

Last night it came to me that if I wrap myself up in Christ’s shroud and meditate on his death, I become more alive. So I wanted to nestle into that shroud. I wanted it to cover me. I wanted to feel its warmth, its life, because I think the shroud of God was full of life. For he rose and the shroud was left behind.

I enter into that shroud or cover myself with it, and the Lord gives me the grace to meditate on his death. To meditate on the death of God is to meditate on the words, Greater love has no man than he lays down his life for his brethren (Jn 15:13). As you meditate on it, you really begin to understand Christ’s love.

Can you direct your heart to this love, and allow the shroud to cover you? The infinite, incomprehensible, incredible God became man and shrouded himself with death.

It entered my heart just how precious we are. Stop and think: the vilest sinner, the greatest saint, and everybody in between is infinitely precious. What else could they be, for Christ wrapped himself in a shroud, became mortal by becoming man out of love for you and me!

Not just love of "humanity," but of each of us individually. When you look at the shroud, what else can you have but hope?

This hope becomes a reality, because he did resurrect. His resurrection is not a fairy tale, nor a fable. It is the greatest reality in the whole world!

We move in that resurrection. In moments like this, when you come close to a shroud, a cross, a tomb, you see it all vanish before your eyes, because the light of the resurrection is dazzling bright.

It holds you tight and lifts you up, and the Holy Spirit comes. You are lifted up by his Wind and his Fire, and they cleanse you. Now our blind eyes can see and our deaf ears can hear. It seems so beautiful; yesterday I felt like dancing.

Yes, my meditation last night was on a shroud, and I am still filled with the joy of it. Because the shroud enveloped the world and became the flag of the resurrection!

—From Season of Mercy, p.105-106, (1996), available from Madonna House Publications.


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