Posted February 06, 2008 in Lent and Easter:
A Time to Plumb the Depths

by Catherine Doherty.

Lent is a time to go into the depths of yourself, to really advance in the "journey inward" that everyone must undertake to meet the God who dwells within.

This Lent should be a time to ask and answer one question: "What has my life contributed to the immense spiritual battle being waged across the world today?"

Today each Christian is responsible for projecting the true face of Christ or for blurring it or annihilating it in the souls of others. The voice of the Church is not heard as well as it used to be in the times when the world was Christian. And it must be heard better than ever, for never have people been so hungry for the truth as they are today.

The way it will be heard now will be through Christians, and not so much by our speech as by our lives. For the contrast between our beliefs and our behavior is more glaring and more noticeable against the backdrop of modern secularism, atheism, plain ignorance, and the indifference towards things spiritual.

We must live the Gospel and preach it by living it. That is the only language that people today will understand. They have been hurt, confused, wounded, and upset by the immense contradiction between the luminous teaching of the Church and the behavior of its members that seems to deny every tenet of that teaching.

—From Grace in Every Season, (2001), February 25, available from Madonna House Publications.


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