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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (January 2008)

Celebrating Our Lord’s Incarnation for the twelve days of Christmas is a most wonderful way to enter into a new year of grace. In the beginning of this new year, our hearts are joined with yours, and we are grateful that we are able to depend on each other’s love and support.

Your donations to our gift shop have earned money that we are now in the process of sending to missionaries whom we know and with whom we correspond. This financial help is indispensable for their work among the poor of their nations.

These days, of all our departments here in Combermere, it is what we call "the bush crew," the men who cut down trees for firewood and lumber, who have the most pressing needs. They are asking for chainsaw safety helmets, an 8-ft. logging chain, and large size chainsaw safety pants (waist 38 inches and up and 34 and 36-inch inseam). They are also asking for bright orange shirts and jackets, the type worn by construction crews and utility workers. (These usually have fluorescent strips sewn on them.)

We also want to make an unusual special plea. Several of our staff are cardiac patients with prescribed rehab treatment calling for the use of a treadmill. If any of you has a treadmill that you are no longer using, we would be most grateful to have it.

The librarians send their wholehearted thanks to those of you who sent the typewriter cartridges. They came in just in time for accessing some new books. They still need more (Brother AX series 3022-0).

When we sorted donations last week, we were overjoyed to see how generously you responded to our needs. Thank you for the lovingly packed over-the-counter meds, for example—the very ones we asked for.

This month our nurses need Myoflex muscle rub, earplugs, Tylenol (regular and extra-strength), day/night cough/cold medicines, vitamin D 400 I.U., vitamin C 500 mg., kleenex, and waxed dental floss.

Renée Sylvain, who is in charge of the kitchen, is grateful for the paring knives you sent. She would also really appreciate it if you would save us some of those plastic ice cream containers with lids (1 and 1 ½ gallon size) and 750 ml. yogurt containers. These are so handy for food storage.

Our other kitchen needs are: popcorn poppers, oven thermometers, tea balls, chef knives, small mortar and pestle sets, and serving scoops or small lightweight saucepans that we can use for serving out food from our big cooking pots.

One of our local directors is looking for a 2-drawer file cabinet for regular-size folders.

As for our general household needs, we would be happy to receive fitted sheets for single beds, all kinds of flashlight batteries for power outages (which we have not infrequently), and epoxy glue. For cleaning the tops of our wood stoves, we also need some of those porous black grill blocks and metal scrubbies, such as Chore Girls.

Each morning as we plunge into the day’s ordinary activities, we are mindful that our lives have meaning because the eternal God entered history as a newborn Child and remains with us forever. May the peace he came to bring uphold and console you.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (January 2008)


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