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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (December 2007)

The coming of God as man is a tremendous mystery, and Advent is a time when God invites us to a place of quiet inside where we can ponder this mystery.

As always we will have young visitors with us during December, sharing in our life and celebrating with us the many feasts of December: St. Nicholas, the Immaculate Conception, St. Juan Diego, Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy, and of course, Christmas itself.

It has been your generous support throughout the past 60 years that has sustained this "Training Center for the Lay Apostolate" here in Combermere, and we want you to know how much we appreciate all you do for us. Our gratitude overflows into our prayers.

Each department of MH has its own way of making those who come feel at home and of reaching out to those who are far away. And, as always, what we do cannot be done without your help.

For instance, the staff who mail out this newspaper need a digital scale to weigh the "bundles" for those of you who, in your zeal and generosity, order more than one copy of Restoration to distribute to your family and friends.

This scale needs to have measuring units of 1 gram and a capacity of up to 6 kg plus auto tare and auto calibration functions. A large tray size on the scale (10" by 8" or so ) would be helpful.

On the farm, the men are preparing for their winter work: bush work (logging) and looking after the animals. They are asking for rubber boots, sizes 10-13, felt liners for those boots, snow shovels, and winter chain saw oil. They are also wondering if anyone can supply a flea collar for their medium-size dog and livestock marking crayons.

The framing corner of our handicraft center does a lot of framing of donated artwork to be sold in the gift shop, and for this they need levelers and other hardware for hanging picture frames. Can you help them with this?

Speaking of the gift shop, please keep them in mind, too, as the they need an ongoing supply of jewelry, religious goods, watches of all kinds, collectibles, and other saleable items to earn money for overseas missions. They are also asking for paper bags in all sizes.

You will probably never see pictures of us in any fashion magazines (smile), but the donated clothing we wear is kept clean and presentable by our laundresses. They are asking for large ironing board covers, Woolite or other soap for washing woolens, and RIT Dye Remover or Beckman’s Run Remover for those occasional "mixed wash accidents."

Many of us in the community have come down with a bad cold that is going around the area. Please, if you can, send us cold medicines such as cough drops, Sudafed or the equivalent, daytime/nighttime cold meds, and cough medicine with expectorant and DM.

Other health care products that we need these days are: waxed dental floss, vitamin B-2, digestive enzymes, baby ASA (81 mg tabs), Secaris lubricant nasal gel, drops for dry eyes, lutein or similar eye supplements, and Preparation H ointment.

Well, the office folks have not come up with any unusual requests. Their needs are the usual ones: paper and #10 envelopes, file folders for 8 ½ by 11 paper, Scotch Tape, black ballpoint pens and black felt tip pens.

The kitchen seems to be well supplied except for waxed paper, Saran or other plastic wrap, and coffee filters (both basket and cone types).

As we get ready to begin this holy season of waiting and preparation, our prayers for each of you and for each of us is that we will say yes to Our Lord’s invitation to let him dwell in us and to fill our lives with his glory.

We take this opportunity to wish each of you and your families a grace-filled Advent and joyous Christmas.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (December 2007)


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