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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (November 2007)

Every year we welcome November as a time of quiet between the busy harvest and food processing season and Advent. We begin the month with prayer for our deceased family, friends, and benefactors, and we end with the festive celebration of Christ the King.

In November, we are more than happy to return to the projects we had put aside during the summer.

One thing the staff in the gift shop are planning to do is repair donated jewelry, and for this, they need sterling shepherd hooks for earrings.

After the summer, the shop always needs re-stocking. One area that particularly needs it this year is "the boys’ section,’’ which could use such things as small wooden boxes (the kind used for treasure boxes) and small metal and wooden cars and trucks. Other items that customers are asking for are pocket watches, watch medals, old fountain pens, chess sets, and cosmetic cases.

The proceeds from the sale of your donations go to the poor all over the world.

St. Mary’s is asking for fitted sheets for single beds, duct tape, and salt grinders to be used as salt shakers for the table. We are using sea salt these days because it is healthier, but it is also coarse and damp and hard to shake out unless it is freshly ground.

Thank you for coming to our aid with the over-the-counter remedies we asked for last month. Our needs this month are mostly for medicines to treat cold and flu: Vicks Vapor Rub, daytime and nighttime cough/cold meds, expectorant/DM cough medicine, Delsym cough medicine, Tylenol, and humidifiers. We could also use Robaxicet muscle relaxant and St. John’s Wort (300 mg).

Our office workers are grateful for the paper and envelopes you sent as their need for them is ongoing. Here are a few special requests from them: a refillable Scotch Tape dispenser, zippered pencil cases, regular-size vinyl-covered paper clips (33 mm or 15/16 inches) for archival use, and yellow liquid paper for making corrections on library cards. (Yes, we are still using a card catalogue, and we are still typing the cards with manual typewriters!)

MH Publications, which publishes the writings of Catherine Doherty, would appreciate CD jewel cases and double-stick (2-sided) Scotch Tape and magic tape for layout jobs.

Here are a few household requests from the laundry and cleaning departments: dust pans, brooms, insect repellent and REDU (a rust stain remover put out by Amway.)

Last of all, the farmers are wondering if any of you have any large size coveralls you could send. They are so useful for farm work.

During this month when our American brothers and sisters celebrate Thanksgiving Day, we unite in thanking God for all his blessings to us, especially the ones we receive through you, our benefactors.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Mark Schlingerman and Susanne Stubbs (November 2007)


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