Posted June 26, 2007 in One Man's Scrap:
One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (May-June 2007)

What a delight it is to put away our winter boots and parkas and feel spring’s balmy air! We continue to thank God for the loveliness of nature around us and for all his gifts, which very much include you, our friends and benefactors.

Once again we come begging for your help for the things we need.

Warmer weather means that our farm, St. Benedict’s Acres, is hopping with activity and new life—such as new lambs. The farmers are asking for the following: an electric fence tester, a wheel hoe for crop rotation, flea collars for dogs, heavy duty rubberized work gloves, and a one-pound kitchen scale.

You would think that with winter over we would be finished with colds, but a few are still hanging on. The nurses are asking for expectorant cough medicine, DM cough medicine, and a combination of the two. They are also asking for liquid antacid, such as Maalox or the equivalent, Breathe Right Medium Strips, polysporin ointment, and supplements such as folic acid, vitamin C, and multi-vitamins.

We are preparing for this summer’s Cana Colony family program where the families will have the opportunity for relaxation and spiritual refreshment in the context of a weeklong camping experience.

Many thanks for the craft beads that were sent for Cana. The children will have a great time with them. We still need a step stool so that the small children can reach the washbasins and a child’s wagon for the adults to cart cleaning supplies around the camp.

Our office needs are ongoing: 8½ by 11 white paper (both good-on-one side, and good on both), Scotch tape, #10 white envelopes (we can cover return addresses), and white-out correction fluid.

Does anyone have a good shop vac they could donate? We also need paint roller sleeves for the renovating we are doing at St. Mary’s.

Our cooks do a wonderful job of feeding our large family of staff, applicants, and visitors. They want to thank you for the donation of book matches, and this time they are asking for Swing-A-Way hand can openers.

The craftspeople at the handicraft department have just finished making our annual supply of candles, and now they are weaving wool rugs for which they need rug warp. Glue sticks for card making would also be most welcome.

The librarians are wondering if anyone has typewriter cartridges they could send—Brother AX series.

Our final request comes from David Thomas who works in our shipping office where, among other things, they send books and other parcels to the missions. They need a few rolls of clear packing tape, one to two inches wide.

The word we want to leave you with this month is gratitude. We thank you with all our hearts for reading this column and for responding so generously to our requests. Let us rejoice in this lovely season when once again the earth brings forth new life so abundantly.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs, and Mark Schlingerman (May-June 2007)


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