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Standing Room Only?

by Catherine Doherty.

From the day of the first Pentecost, Mary the Mother of God was loved and venerated in the Church.

Although she appears from the Gospels to have spoken very little, St. Luke brought her to the forefront in his Gospel. The early Fathers of the Church unfolded resplendently the place she occupied in the slowly developing theology of the Church.

Over the centuries, the shepherds of the church spoke with infallible voice, proclaiming truths regarding the Virgin Mother. These truths are to be believed by all calling themselves Catholic.

Majestically, led by the hand of her spouse, the Holy Spirit, Mary emerged from the deep, holy shadows of her silence and effacement, revealing aspects of the truth of who she is as our minds were ready to accept them.

Finally, Mary showed herself in a series of apparitions until, clear and perfect, she stood revealed to the gaze of her human children as the mother she is.

The twentieth century was called the Marian Age. Mary, the woman clothed in silence, has become so articulate in her many apparitions, and our knowledge of her has taken its full place in the theology and dogma of the Church.

We must study the messages expressed in her apparitions, and in our studying understand that each one calls us to repentance, prayer, mortification, and conversion of heart.

Then the love and mercy of God will become apparent to us in its immensity and its infinite depths. Mary is bringing her lost children to her Son.

Although she spent her time on earth cloaked in silence, she is speaking to us today from the shrines of Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje, and many other places. If we only take time to listen and to ponder her words, our century will be a century of peace, and our lives will be lives of joy. Instead, we go about harassed and worried by wars and rumors of wars and eternally facing a twilight of our own making.

Why not begin a journey inward to the Immaculate Heart of Mary to learn from her the secret of the King, her Son, the secret that could change our lives, and with them, the life of the whole world.

Ever the compassionate one, our constant intercessor, she has pleaded our cause before God throughout the history of the Church. She has received reprieve after reprieve for us.

But the reprieve was not without condition. Prayer and mortification have been asked of us according to our state in life.

Have we complied? Is it lifting us and the world with us in a storm of supplication and love to the feet of the Father? Are our churches so crowded that morning and night there is standing room only?

Mary never spoke a useless word. Silence was her dwelling. Silence was her cloak. Silence was her companion. That is why her words carry the immense weight of incarnated truth. It behooves us to listen to them and to implement them in our daily lives.

—From Bogoroditza: She Who Gave Birth to God, pp. 17–19, available from MH Publications.


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