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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (April 2007)

A blessed, joyous Easter Season to each of you!

With gratitude in our hearts for all the care and solicitude you show us, we come once again to present our needs in this humble little column.

Our first requests are from the laundry. They are asking for Shout (a stain remover), Woolite or other brand for washing woolens, fine-tip laundry markers, and irons that work. They also need some sturdy, stackable plastic laundry baskets for carrying the clean laundry to the dormitories.

The laundress had found the black baskets from Knob Hill to be especially sturdy and long lasting. We don’t know if they are still being made, but if you run across any of them and can get them for us, she would be delighted.

St. Mary’s is dividing a large room into two smaller ones and needs electrical wire and supplies, and trouble lights and light fixtures, including track lights plus track.

The maintenance of our buildings and equipment is ongoing, and for this the maintenance men need leather work gloves, tuques (woolen caps), and large size coveralls.

Our gift shop staff is getting ready for summer when the number of customers goes up dramatically. They would greatly appreciate Goo Gone and Gorilla Glue for cleaning and repairing donated items.

They are also asking for decorative chains for hanging lampadas (vigil light holders for icons); chains for pendants, medals and crosses; miniatures such as doll house pieces; porcelain pieces; small toys; and any other items saleable in a gift shop.

The circulation department of this newspaper, that is, the department that deals with subscriptions, is asking for 2-inch and 1-inch clear packing tape, and #10 envelopes with or without printed addresses. (They can cover them up.)

Thank you for the wonderful donations of over-the-counter medications. Their needs are now narrowed down to vitamins: vitamin C (500 mg and 1000 mg), calcium (500 mg) and vitamin D (125), hydrocortizone cream 0.5%, and a pair of nursing scissors.

The handicraft department has only one request this month: Osmiroid Free-Flowing black or other colored ink for calligraphy.

The library, too, has only one request: yellow 3 x 5 cards. (We still access our books on cards.)

The kitchen needs mouse traps, and we still need more old tennis balls to put on our chair legs to protect the floors. (We are lots of people and so have lots of chairs.)

What does your parish do with the tapers after your Easter Vigil? We’d be very happy to have them. We clean them and use them again.

May the radiance of Christ’s Resurrection shine forth in your lives this Easter Season and be a source of new life for you. We hold each of you in our hearts and prayers each day in our community’s prayers and liturgies.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (April 2007)


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