Posted April 18, 2007:
New Technologies

by Jean Fox.

We often hear the pros and cons of the technological progress that is upon us. The rapidness of change makes it urgent that we wrestle with all these things.

We at Madonna House ponder how to move with e-mails, faxes, videos, CDs, and certainly the computer with serious prayer and much communication among ourselves.

We have to look at this constantly so that we are not dehumanized or pulled away from the essence of life, which is to love God and to love one another. The acceleration that is happening in the technological world is going to continue to require prayer, pondering, and communication.

Technology is a tool. It affects every aspect of human society. It behooves us to keep abreast of what the Church is saying regarding this.

At the same time, we must be aware that there is good in everything, a great good which can deflect and offset what can potentially be an instrument of isolation, dehumanization, and death.

We belong to and are dedicated to the culture of life. We have to jump into this stream and use all the means of restoration with confidence and courage.

Even though loneliness, isolation, and materialism are dangers of the computer world, let us not see anything as being in itself a detriment to the Christian faith.

It’s a questions of how we use everything on this earth for the greater glory of God, in time and in eternity.

At the time of Christ, the Roman Empire was at its zenith. The Roman genius held together massive amounts of people and land by sustaining its communication through interlocking roads.

At the time of Our Lord’s birth, he entered into this civilization and preached the Good News. Though only twelve men were the first apostles, after Pentecost, the beginning of the Church took place. Then the fire and flame of the Gospel spread rapidly across these roads.

Today, because of the Internet, the communication system is reaching its tentacles across the world. Could it be in the mind of the Father that this could be used in such a way that the Gospel, the fire of the Word, can be proclaimed, when and if we have to enter the catacombs?

This is only a question to ponder and pray about.

Adapted from Inflamed by Love, pp. 186-188, available from MH Publications.


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