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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (March 2007)

Our foundress Catherine often said, "Lent should fan the desire of men for God into a bonfire." "Day by day," she once said, "we should enter into our hearts and seek that desire, for it is our greatest treasure."

That desire also turns our hearts to loving and serving our brothers and sisters. We are grateful for all the help you, our friends and benefactors, provide as we strive to do this.

The kitchen staff wish to thank all of you who donated the paring knives; they now have a good supply. Now they are asking for gravy boats and book matches.

Our cheese-maker reports that his scales are wearing out. He needs two new ones: one that weighs items up to one pound and one that weighs up to ten pounds.

The farmers have been continuing their winter work in the bush. In addition to their usual work, they have been clearing trees damaged by last summer’s tornado. They would welcome one-fingered chainsaw mitts and chainsaw helmet liners for hard hats.

Our chickens would like nest boxes, the kind that come in sets of 8 or 10. They are busy, too!

Two very popular items in the gift shop these days are pocketknives and miniature metal toys such as cars and trucks. The shopkeepers would also be grateful to receive a small can of cotton wadding silver polish.

This winter our nurses have been stretched looking after injuries and sickness besides the usual cases of colds and flu. Whatever you can send will go a long way towards helping them care for us. They are asking for: hot water humidifiers, polysporin ear/eye preparation, heavy mineral oil, expectorant cough syrup, calcium supplements 500 mg., Sinutabs or the equivalent, and rubbing alcohol (70%).

A number of winter projects are in process at St. Raphael’s handicraft center. Two people are making our year’s supply of altar candles; another is carving wood. Several people are weaving, two are making pottery part-time, and, of course, the restoration of donated items is ongoing.

The handicraft center was fortunate to be given the program Adobe Illustrator 8.0, but they need the computer manual for it. Would you have one to send?

Here are a few supplies we are low on: staples to fit a JT21 stapler, duct tape, fine-tipped black felt pens, wide-tipped felt pens (any color), and glue sticks.

Our office has an ongoing need for 9 x 12 mailing envelopes, Scotch tape, and 8 ½ by 11 white paper. They are also asking for three-hole punches.

We have one final request. The maintenance men are asking for leather work gloves, which they need for getting a good grip on things.

We hold each of you in our hearts and prayers, you who so faithfully attend to these many needs of ours. Let us pray that this Lent will be a time for all of us to deepen our relationship with the Lord in his passion, death and resurrection.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (March 2007)


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