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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (January 2007)

At the beginning of this new year, we want to take the opportunity to heartily thank you for your generous support during 2006, and to pledge to you our prayers during the coming year.

This time, we’ll let the farmers be the first to step forward with their needs. In winter, their main work is "bush work": sawing down trees, hauling logs, and chopping wood for our many heating and cook stoves. They are asking for winter-weight chain oil for chainsaws, winter work gloves, mitts and socks, and fiberglass axe and maul handles.

Our gift shop staff send a big thank you for the donations of pocket watches. Those of our customers who collect them are always on the lookout for some to repair, and will be thrilled to find what you sent.

If you have any art deco or antique jewelry that you are no longer wearing, we would be happy to include them in our jewelry display case.

And do you have any small "antique" lamps (6 to 12 inches high) you are not using? They would be helpful to light up our display shelves.

Our head cook, Renée Sylvain wants to thank you for the plastic freezer bags, the sandwich-size bags, and the nifty paring knives. She is wondering if any of you might be able to send mouse traps, book matches, large gravy boats, and 2-quart plastic juice containers (the kind with a handle).

Our wonderful team of caregivers for the elderly has a special request for our elderly staff workers who have Alzheimer’s. They love short (one-hour max) nature videos or CDs such as those put out by National Geographic, and detective shows such as "Murder She Wrote" or Agatha Christie.

The staff at our handicraft center are very grateful for the glue sticks, card-making paper, crayons, colored pencils, and acrylic paints that you sent recently. They can always use more acrylic paints for repairing statues and other donated items.

We are blessed to have in our community nurses who help us treat our ordinary aches and maladies so that we can stay in reasonably good health. They depend on the over-the-counter medications and vitamin supplements you provide. To keep up their supply, they are asking for non-chewable vitamin C (500 and 1000 mg), rubbing alcohol (70%), Kleenex, Metamucil, and decongestant/antihistamine cold and flu combinations.

Sushi Horwitz, who looks after the cleaning at St. Mary’s, is very grateful for the bags of used tennis balls she received. She is hoping to eventually have them put on the bottom of every chair at St. Mary’s. Can you picture that? They really do the job of protecting the floors from scratching.

One item we forgot to mention last time for Cana Colony is a small wagon (like the kind that children play with) to cart cleaning supplies from cabin to cabin.

The library staff is asking for 3 x 5 yellow index cards. They use them for accessing books.

We cannot close this column without including the office’s perennial need for #10 white envelopes (9½ x 4) and, at the moment, Scotch Tape.

Thank you, dear friends, for receiving our monthly begging letter with such generous spirits.

Our hearts are full of gratitude to God for all he has done for us and, in particular, for you, our benefactors and friends. You are deep in our hearts and prayers, and we lift you up daily at Mass.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman (January 2007)


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