Posted November 23, 2006 in Memorials:
The Graces that Do Not Shine

by Fr. Bob Pelton.

One day at spiritual reading Mary P. shared with us what was probably the turning point in her life. It had happened before she came to Madonna House. She was in the hospital because of some sort of breakdown. It was more than 60 years ago, and in those days, the medication available for chemical imbalance was not very helpful.

She was really at the bottom and she knew it. She didn’t know what to do or to pray.

But she did know she wanted to love God and couldn’t do it if she hated herself.

So she began to thank God for her eyes, for each of her senses, for her feet, her hands…

This must have been an inspiration from the Holy Spirit. She was thanking God for her physical being which was making her isolated, incapable, even "crazy" at times. I think that was the moment when the Lord really took over her life.

For the most part, Mary proclaimed the Gospel with her life by doing little things exceedingly well for love of God. Not everyone recognized that she was extraordinarily holy.

Quite a few people know that God is everything. Not many live it out. Mary did.

Four years ago Mary sent me a note saying that she had remembered a dream from the past. In her dream a voice had said, "Pray to Our Lady for the graces that do not shine."

These are the graces that God gave to this woman who wanted to belong to God with her whole being.


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