Posted November 03, 2006 in My Dear Family:
Pauper? So What?

by Catherine Doherty.

What does it matter if you are inadequate in your own estimation? What does it matter that you think you are not contributing too much to the Church?

What does it matter if you think you are a sinner? Take it for granted. You are. So am I. So are we all. But don’t bother about it. Do not impede God’s grace in your soul by dwelling on your poverty. We are all paupers of this kind; we are all sinners.

Dwell instead on the incomprehensible mystery of his choice of you.

You, like Christ, must incarnate yourself in utter simplicity, humility, and seeming weakness, into the stream of the day-to-day life of people who live in the world, in its marketplaces, its pleasure places, its slums, and its palaces, its studying places, its holy places, and its sinful places.

There you must begin to witness to the incarnation, to Christ. There you must begin to enact in your own person, or should I say, re-enact, Bethlehem and Nazareth.

— From Grace in Every Season, p. 189, available from Madonna House Publications.


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