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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (September 2006)

These days our souls and senses are filled with the abundance of summer beauty, summer produce, and summer liturgy, and our life is very full.

You, our benefactors, are very much a part of that fullness, and each day our gratitude urges us to present your needs and intentions at our community Mass.

David Guzman, who is responsible for the department that receives and delivers donations, asked us to thank you for the folding table and 2-inch packing tape. The table is a big help in the sorting of donations.

All summer the gift shop, where some of the items you donate are sold, has been one of our busiest places. By the end of summer, the stock is quite low. Can you help the shopkeepers re-stock? All of their proceeds go to the poor somewhere in the world.

The shopkeepers would be especially grateful for the following: natural stone jewelry, silver jewelry, and bracelets of any kind; vintage buttons and thimbles; small white lampshades; small paper bags; (#1 and #2) and tiny envelopes for jewelry.

Marie-Therese McLaughlin, who is responsible for the cleaning department, is in need of some good vacuum cleaners—canister type, uprights, and electric brooms. If you have one that works and that you no longer need, she would be happy to have it. She is also asking for Dirt Devil Style D vacuum cleaner bags and long-handled barbeque wire brushes or scrapers for cleaning the tops of our woodstoves.

Some of our other household needs are: mattress covers (single bed size), tennis balls (to put on chair legs to keep them from scratching the floor), sturdy terry face cloths, 7 oz. disposable cups for receptions, and a household thermometer.

The men’s maintenance department have taken on a tremendous number of repair jobs this summer. Can you help them out by sending any of the following items that they use regularly? 1/8-inch and 3/16-inch pop rivets, electrical tape, duct tape, and 1-inch masking tape, vise-grip pliers, electric plugs (110 and 220), batteries in all sizes, and a coil or two of rope, both light and heavy-weight.

Cana Colony, our camping retreat for families, has been going well. A number of new families have come as well as some who have been coming over the years. For next year, those responsible for Cana are asking for a small wagon to carry cleaning supplies from cabin to cabin and a portable step so that small children can reach the hand-washing sinks.

The staff at archives are asking for blank compact discs, both CDR and CDRW. The gardeners are asking for blood meal, bone meal, and Tanglefoot (a sticky substance used to trap the kind of flies that harm apple trees). And the office staff are asking for scotch tape, 8 ½ x 11 paper (both unused and good on one side), and #10 envelopes (4 inches x 9 ½ inches).

Several of our members have been ill during the past months and have been well looked after by our nurses. The nurses are now low on a number of supplies, and we are hoping you won’t mind a long list. In the supplements category, they need selenium 100 mcg, magnesium 100 mg, B-50 complex, vitamin C 500 mg (not chewable), and glucosamine sulfate. For pain, they are asking for Robaxacet, rubbing alcohol, and ASA 81 mg. Lastly, they are asking for: ribbon tape, rosacea cream, antacid tablets, band-aids (both regular and knuckle or finger ones).

It is always a balm to our hearts to know that you want to hear about our needs and to experience how generously you support us. We can never adequately express our gratitude. What we can do is lift you up to God in prayer and ask him to shower you with blessings. And that we will continue to do.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman
(October 2006)


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