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One Man’s Scrap, Another Man’s Gold (July-August 2006)

O Praise the Lord, all you nations; acclaim him all the earth (Ps 116).

In summer, all of creation acclaims the Lord. And it’s not only nature that announces his goodness to us, but each day we see that goodness in people visiting the shops and dropping off donations, and in our many guests, both those stopping in for a short visit or tour and those partaking in our daily life.

Thanks to your prayers and all you do for us, and to God’s grace, summer moves along fruitfully. This is the time when the gift shop and book shop are at their peak season, Cana Colony, our retreat-vacation camp for families is filled to capacity for six weeks, and young people, hungry for God, fill our house.

During the past year, the archives department begged for and received several slide projectors. We are very grateful for them and are using them in various ways. Our Madonna House history, for example, has been recorded with slides, and along with a projector, they are a wonderful vehicle for teaching our applicants the history of the community they are planning to join.

We could use two more Kodak Carousel 4600 projectors. Kodak has stopped making them, and we need to get some before they completely disappear.

Our library is another department that still is using old-fashioned equipment—in this case, typewriters. Head librarian Theresa Girard sends a big thank you for the Smith Corona typewriter cartridges.

The folks at the mission gift shop are delighted with the lovely icon prints and icon calendars you have been sending. People ask for these a lot, especially icons of the Resurrection, Our Lady of Tenderness, and the Trinity.

The gift shop, of course, always welcomes all kinds of saleable items such as chess sets, brooches, and bracelets.

A while back we mentioned that high tea is back in style. We have discovered a way of drilling holes into plates to create the 3-tiered cake plates used for these occasions. We have the plates, but we need the hardware—the handle and the spacing rods.

If you have anything like that that you could send, we would love to make cake plates to sell in the shop. If you send any, please mark the parcel "gift shop." Otherwise these items could end up with the men’s hardware supply!

Thank you for supplying the maintenance crew with the tools and parts they need for keeping things in good repair. Here are their current needs: Rainbird-type sprinkler heads, 1/8 inch short pop-rivets, electrostrip snap-on electrical plugs, and sheet metal tools.

Living as we do right next to a small wetland, we have lots of mosquitoes, and we desperately need insect repellent to ward them off. Other household needs are: bottle brushes, rubber gloves (medium and large), bedspreads for single beds, sheet-sets for hospital size beds, and handkerchiefs (both men’s and women’s).

Do you have any extra tennis balls around? We put them on the bottom of chair legs to protect our floors from scratches.

Now here comes a very specific request. St. Mary’s community is looking for an industrial-type burnisher for their terrazzo floors. If you can help in any way, please phone Gerard or Reyna at St. Mary’s: 613-756-5697.

Our nurses thank you for keeping our medicine chest supplied. During the summer bug and allergy season, their need is mainly for calamine lotion, sunscreen, and Benadryl (both cream and 25 mg. tablets). Of course, there are also the ongoing needs: ibuprofen (200 mg), chewable antacids, and Gravol (50 mg).

The office is asking for a few basic items: scotch tape, #10 white envelopes (4 x 9½), small white envelopes (3½ x 6½), plastic paper clips, and blue and black ball point pens.

Well, this is quite a litany of needs! We are touched by your ongoing interest in our life and by your generosity. And we know that you carry us in your hearts and prayers. We do the same for you, and we ask God to bless you and your families and to give you a safe and happy summer.

In Our Lady of Combermere,
Susanne Stubbs and Mark Schlingerman


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